STEVE KRESS – Director of Field Sales and Marketing

Steve Kress, Director of Field Sales and Marketing, has been with ELSCO since 1998.  Steve has had many different roles at ELSCO starting as a merchandiser, field sales rep, sales manager to his current role today.   Understanding the marketplace, he adds tremendous value to the marketing platform that ELSCO offers to our manufacturers.  While working with the field sales team on a daily basis, he provides all the selling aides and tools for the field reps, and has implemented many of the training programs, marketing incentives, corporate promotions and keeps our marketing evolving.  In addition to working with the field team, he collaborates with our manufacturers in developing marketing strategies for sales growth.

Steve grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and now resides in the far western suburbs.  Married 15 years to Bridget with two kids, Hayden and Keira.  He enjoys spending time with family and being their chauffer.  Construction remodels that most people cringe at, Steve finds enjoyable.  Always looking for new projects to start.


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